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Javascript vs Java vs Flash



  Macromedia Study The Counter Google Analytics*
Javascript enabled browsers   94%  
Java enabled browsers 85.1% 91-99% 95.75%
Flash enabled browsers 99.0%   82.18%
*Figures based off 4 distinct websites with over 10,000 unique visits a month.

Macromedia's survey indicates that about 99% of all people have a flash enabled browser. The methodology used for this study is open to self selection bias. Our own estimates are that 95% of people have Javascript enabled. These statistics are based off users who visit our sites. Google analytics also automatically tracks various items of information about the visitors.

Flash is a fantastic way to add moving pictures and sound to any website. Unfortunately, Flash does not offer a good platform for building a website. Not only will 5-10% of visitors not be able to view your site, Search Engines will have difficulty indexing your site. The most effective be at the top of the search results is to have text and a lot of it. Plus we feel HTML is easier to resize for different screen resolutions and ultimately easier to translate for global businesses.

Unique visitors by Flash Version



Source: Google Analytics, Augst 2008  
Internet users by Country



Source: Nielsen//NetRatings, July 2007  
Internet users by Browser



Source: W3School August 2008  
Internet users by Operating System



Source: W3School August 2008  
Internet users by Screen Resolution



Source: W3School August 2008  
Internet usage by days of the week



Source: TheCounter August 2008  
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